Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Well, the 2008 Christmas season has come to an end. The toys are in the playroom, the leftovers are all eaten and the decorations have been returned to their boxes until next year. My bank account is depleted, I guess we will just eat top Ramen and Macaroni and Cheese for the next month...LOL... Seriously though, nobody can blame me for a lack of profits in the stores. I did more than my share of shopping.

Santa was more than generous with the girls this year. They of course got everything they asked him for and then some. I had to purge toys from the toy room in order to fit in the new stuff. It was a big year for Barbie and the pretty ponies at our house. Anything pink, purple, sparkly, ruffly or princess inspired is a hit! They also got a lot of nice art stuff, including an easel from Grandmom Judy & Papa Lyal. Grandma Deana, Papa Brian and Uncle Jason helped to dress all the new Barbies in the latest fashions. Papa bear was a huge hit with his Einsteins rocket he got Abby. She has wanted that toy for months. Ever since she saw it at Luke's house. Aunt Jan and Uncle Brian did fantastic with a huge treasure box full of princess dresses and jewelry, always a big hit at our house, as most of you know. Uncle Josh and Aunt Ambyr also seem to know our girls well. They earned points with them by giving them cute pink pajama's and books.

We had a fantastic prime rib dinner at Grandmom Judy's house on Christmas day and we did lunch and sugary Christmas treats at Aunt Ambyr and Uncle Josh's house on Christmas Eve. It was a great holiday with lots of great gifts and to much food. I probably gained 10lbs the last week.

I still need to mail out all my out of state gifts, I just never got to a post office, SORRY if you are awaiting a gift! :) I guess I will have to deal with being a less than superhero mom this year...LOL

Well I guess that about wraps it up. I hope you all have a Very, Very
Happy and Blessed New Year!!!

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