Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The rest of the weekend!

The rest of our weekend was busy. We of course had gymnastics on Saturday followed by lunch w/ grandmom and then gingerbread houses at uncles house, and then we drove around the neighborhood and looked at lights. On Sunday after a brief time laying around on the couch, we got up and went to see Santa Cause and do a little shopping. Then we went to grandmom's house ate lunch hung out a bit and then headed to Littleton for Tavish's 2nd b-day. We had dinner, presents and cake at Tavish's grandma Kaye and grandpa Jay's house with his other aunts, uncles and cousins from moms side. Life is busy, but good. We are so blessed by the family and friends in our lives.

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Salina said...

I'm liking my new layout too...I love snowmen, but I just wasn't feeling the other one.

I still need to take the kids to see santa! You are way ahead of me!!