Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread House Building Contest!

On Saturday, afternoon we went to my brothers house for our annual gingerbread house making contest. The twist to this is that the houses are built from cardboard frames instead of gingerbread. But beyond that it is very traditional. entirely decorated and landscaped in Candy. This year there were three teams. It is a mix of couples and kids.

It is very competitive, and there is a lot of trash talking and accusations of cheating. All in fun of course. There are rules, like you have to use ALL of the cardboard provided, there are certain candy items you must use completely, and you may not use anything that was not provided for everyone from the start.
Each team is a mix of kids and adults, although normally the kids do more candy eating than candy decorating. Also of course the teams with older kids usually have more help then those of us left with toddlers and preschoolers. When the houses are done and time has been called, my brother reigns in a neighbor and has them mosey on over to judge the final products.
The house looks like the gingerbread man tossed "cookies" (LOL) all over. There is candy on the floor and counters. We usually have traces of frosting in our hair and on our faces. And the kids balance on the edge of sickness from the amount of candy they have consumed in 2 1/2 hours.
Every year the houses get bigger and more creative. the ideas have gotten so creative in fact, that I am not sure some should even be considered houses anymore. this years winner should have been disqualified for just that reason. They built heaven with the Lamb of God as their focal point. That is not technically a house...LOL
This is the winning team, the creators of "Heaven".

This is one of the losing teams, the creators of the Clock Tower".
And this is my team (minus me of course along with our three preschool helpers who had left to play already.) I could not get in at all to help with building the structure, the men were on a mission, that meant it was easier for me to just take pictures.
This is our allotment of candy and supplies. It starts out so neat and orderly...LOL


Salina said...

Oh my...this sounds like so much fun! I've never built a gingerbread house before! I think I would be as hyped up as the kids on sugar...I've such a sweet tooth!

Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

ok, so this goes hand in hand with my "all or nothin'" post:) and for the record ours was whoville not clock tower heehee!

tiffany said...

Those are some serious masterpieces!! LOVE them all. :)