Friday, January 16, 2009

A whole lotta nothin'!

Well, I haven't really blogged a lot lately mostly because our lives are very quiet right now. We had a couple of sad things happen recently. Michele's mom's dog died from an apparent heart attack on Christmas Eve. And then Michele's dad had to put his long time best friend Dusty to sleep after a long struggle with her health on Monday. It has actually been a really bad year for the dogs in Michele's family. Her brother lost both of his dogs this last year a few months apart. Both had cancer, one a tumor on his heart and the other a tumor on his liver. All of these dogs were 11 years old or more and all were well taken good care of. We are holding our breath with Bailey. She seems healthy, but so did 3 out of 4 of the other dogs. Bailey is bout 12 years old. But all the other dogs were Labs. Two yellow and one black, Bailey is a golden retriever.

Abby started ballet on Monday and LOVED it. I had to hide her ballet shoes because she wanted to wear them 24/7. Brianna started having visits with a physical therapist she has had two. They will come see her at our house twice a month. We are working on her balance and coordination, which seems to be a problem with her motor planning. It is nothing to serious, she just seems to trip a lot and fall and for her safety and future physical abilities, the extra help can't hurt.

Michele still has not heard about a baby yet, and we are starting to get impatient. First we wait and wait to get a placement, then we wait and wait to find out if we lose the baby or if the rights will be terminated. Then we have to wait to process all the adoption paperwork. By the time Michele actually gets to an adoption hearing Abby will be in Kindergarten at this rate. She wanted the baby to be about 3 years apart from Abby. If Annabelle were to have worked out, then they would have been about that, but now it is likely that they will be closer to 4 years apart. Which is still fine, we are just anxious!

Well that is about all that is going on around here. It is a lot of the same thing different day since the New Year started. You know what they say, " No news is good news."

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