Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Fun!!!

We had a great weekend, we went to the Delaney farm pumpkin festival. The kids got to see a pumpkin launch, run through a hay maze, and pick pumpkins that they decorated. It was a little chilly but everyone handled it and we had a great day. Then we went and had dinner at Grandmom's house.

The kids have also had a great time playing in the leaves that are falling. My little one seems to really love the cooler weather as do the others. They never want to go out and play when it is hot, but they have really enjoyed the 50 and 60 degree days.

I have been busy with the same ol' everyday hurry hurry and craziness of 6 kids in the house. Brianna has another ear infection and that always makes her extra fussy and she wants me to hold her all of the time. Not easy with a house full of kids. Michele has been extra involved in her school work for her masters class this week. We are all looking forward to Halloween and our little toddler trick or treaters get together.

Well, I should get busy with my day, Happy spooks everyone!

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