Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Festivities and Prayer.

Hello, all! Well, I am busy planning a Trick or Treat Halloween pot luck at our house on Halloween. It is for friends and neighbors who's kids are about the same age as ours. We did it last year and it was loads of fun. We try to keep all the kids under 5 because bigger kids tend to dominate the fun. The girls are very excited about their costumes, they even tell total strangers what they are going to be. Michele's school has their annual monster mash and trunk or treat. This is such a cute thing they do. They have some parents and some teachers line up cars side by side and we trick or treat out of the trunks of cars. They decorate the trunks with all kinds of stuff and the candy givers are mostly dressed up also. This year it is Abby's school also. Michele has her masters classes this weekend, so she cannot go, but I am planning on taking the girls.

I don't know why, but today I am really missing Annabelle(Charlotte). Sometimes it is like she was just a dream. Other times I swear she is just napping in the next room. They say they don't have any babies available through the Adams County right now. I know that can change fast if they have an abandonment or something like that, but we cannot wait to have another little one here to help ease our loss. Not that she can be replaced at all, but it would help fill a void. Plus Michele really is ready to grow her family. Also our best friend is pregnant as is Michele's sister-in-law, which just makes our maternal instinct go into overdrive. So anyways, keep us in your prayers. Speaking of Annabelle, you should all go and click over to her blog and see the little video of her playing with the dog. It is so cute and her daddy seems really tickled by her.

It looks as though we are getting our first snow tonight, so I guess we are officially done with the summer clothing, I can pack it up. The girls have both taken growth spurts lately, so they both have grown out of their new fall/winter pants we just bought. Oh well, it's just money, right?...lol...Well I hope everyone is well. I will right soon!

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