Sunday, January 31, 2010

I WILL try harder!!!

Okay, so I am TERRIBLE at keeping up at this blog thing. I guess I kind of got the impression nobody ever looks at it and I was talking to nobody. But now my brothers family has moved to S.Carolina. This should be a great way for me to keep them up to date on the happenings back here in Colorado. Brianna is growing so fast and doing so many things new every day, they will miss her growing up. My nephew Ashton lives in Oregon and I swear he is a different person every time I see him. He comes out every Christmas and during a big chunk of the summer. Just a few months can make a huge difference at different stages of childhood. Lately my moms health has not been so great either. The Lupus puts her in a lot of pain and leaves her feeling very tried. She isn't able to come around as much as she was before. With the blog she can check out whats going on and see pictures more regularly. So I vow for the year 2010 to do more regular updates and post lots of pictures.

We have had a busy 3 mos since I last posted. Brianna has been doing Ballet and is loving it. They will have a recital in June and I cannot wait to see what she does on a stage with people watching her. She can get so shy when she is put on the spot. I really want to get her involved in some swimming lessons this summer. She loves the water and I just know she would do well at it. She has always been very brave about the water. She is still in preschool also and seems to really enjoy her days there. She likes her teachers and talks about her classmates all the time. She is learning her letters and tries to rhyme EVERYTHING...LOL She loves McKinley, she likes to hold her and feed her bottle to her. She is very sassy these days, 3 going on 13 I think. Sometimes I am scared of the girl drama that will come when puberty hits.

Brianna and I made a decision recently and we are getting ready to add a sister to our little family. I am doing all the paperwork, and we are going to request a 5-8 year old little girl. Brianna thinks having a big sister will be great and I have always felt pulled to add an older child to my life. Because of the situation foster kids come from, it could take a while to get an appropriate placement for our home. She must be able to be placed with younger kids and not have any issues that could endanger the children already living here (innappropriate sexual behaviors, vilolence or extreme needs.) We are excited about what the future has in store for us and cannot wait to be a family of three. She will likely still be a foster to adopt placement so we will have to do visits and take that risk of losing her, but we are ready for those challenges. The rewards are worth it in the end!

Speaking of which, McKinley is still with Michele. She is doing great aside from some acid reflux that gives her a lot of tummy trouble. It seems much better though since they put her on prevecid. She also seems to have a little thing in her neck the doctor called torticolis. It is a tightening of the muscles in her neck, which causes her to keep her head to one side all the time. We are not sure if she will need PT for this or not. It can be a sign of other physical issues, but she has no other issues that the doctor can see, so it was probably caused by her position in the womb. She is giggling quite a lot now and she is so so sweet. She smiles at everything and seems to really love everyone. Her birthmom was in jail for the last two mos so the case hasn't really done much. She was released last week and was suppose to resume visits yesterday, but she never showed for the visit. That is a good sign for us and we hope to continue on this path.

Abby is doing great! She is really becoming a big girl and is such a good helper with her baby sister. She is also doing ballet and seems to be a real natural for dance. She is such a girlie girl and loves all things pink and pretty. She also is doing great on school and loves making friends. She has really been trying to be helpful and sweet and is coming out of all those stubborn toddler behaviors with flying colors. She seems to think she wants to give soccer another try this summer. We will see what happens, she has tried it twice before and really just did not show much interest. She insists thugh that she wants to give it a shot and that she is a ig girl now!

Well, I need to be off to the task of being a mommy, housework, groceries laundry...FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

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Joshua, Ambyr and Co. said...

We are counting on the updates!:) I am back up and blogging too...although my house is not all put together:)