Monday, November 9, 2009


Big News!!! We have a beautiful new addition to our home. Please help us to welcome McKinley Grace to our big happy non-traditional family. McKinley was born on November 3rd an was &lbs 1oz. and 19 inches long. Michele and Abby have a long foster/adopt road ahead. Let's all send out positive energy and prayers into the universe. Michele and Abby are hoping that eventually McKinley will be adopted and become a part of their family permanently. Although we adore Charlotte's (Annabelle's) family and feel that she is in a warm, wonderful loving place, we miss her terribly and hope that we do not have to go through another loss like that one.

Currently, McKinley is still in the hospital. When she was born she aspirated a little merconium and was put on oxygen for that as well as having a small infection she is on antibiotics for. She should be able to come home on Wednesday when she completes the antibiotics. She was weened from her oxygen over the weekend.

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