Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spaghetti Night!!!

Wow, do these girls LOVE their spaghetti, but they wear as much as they eat. Especially Miss Brianna. Just look at her, sucking down those noodles like she has never seen food before. She had two helpings plus garlic bread. This is a child I usually have to bribe to get her to eat much dinner, but not on spaghetti night. She thought she was pretty cute getting her picture taken at dinner time to. Abby is a little messy, but she has mastered holding her head over the bowl most of the time. Neither girl will let us cut up the noodles, because they like to suck it down like the Lady and the Tramp.

Then it was clean-up time, forget trying to clean them up with an ordinary washcloth. This job calls for a total hosing off. One at a time, in the sink. They both find this horribly amusing also! Anyway I just felt these adorable pictures must be shared. And let it be a warning to all of you, not to invite us over for spaghetti dinner.:)

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