Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ear infection, neighbors & a big preschooler

Well, sure enough, Her left ear drum was ruptured. She is on oral and topical drop antibiotics now. Poor thing, no wonder she kept me up all night. She already seems to feel 10 fold better. I just hope this is not the beginning of another rough year of ear infections. I assume if it is we will end up getting her tubes replaced. And now she is older, and I think it would be a little more tramatic. We go back in 2 weeks to recheck them. This morning when I put her drops in, I saw something sticking out of her ear. She has a lot of gunk in her ears from the rupture, so at first I thought it was part of that. But then I realized it looked hard, so I got it out and it was the tube they put in her ear over a year ago. They are suppose to eventually fall out, but all of the fluid coming out must have pushed it out. It was so much tinier than I expected it to be, and shaped kind of strange also. The doctor said her ear was to full yesterday to say weather or not it was still in the left ear, but she could still see he right tube was there. Well now I can say for certain that the left one is no longer there.

We got new next door neighbors this past weekend. We haven't met them, but I sure hope they are nice. And I hope they do something about that sorry excuse of a backyard. It makes ours look bad with the low fences.
But mostly I just hope they are nice and friendly.

Abby started preschool yesterday, Michele said she enjoyed it and was not shy about it at all, for more on that and more pictures of her there, check out Michele's blog. Well that is about all for now. I have a full sink of dishes calling my name.

Love you all!

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Had a great time with you this weekend. I will call you later this week to chat.

Grandma D