Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prayers for Sweetness!

So my best friend and roomies daughter McKinley took a trip to the Doctor last week for her 15 mos appt. The Doc is concerned that McKinley is so small and not putting on any new weight. According to her chart she has not gained any weight in 6 mos. and has actually lost a pound and a half since December. If you have been around at all you would know it is not from a lack of appetite. She has always eaten great. So the Doc did a blood test and something called Bicarbs came back low. She said it is symptomatic of a disorder called Renal Tubular Acidosis, which is a Kidney disorder. She is being referred to Children's to see an endocrinologist and a dietician. We will see what happens. Hopefully this is not what is going on, because according to what we have researched, it would mean a lifetime of medications, blood tests and a special diet or major complications if not controlled. Things like lack of growth, kidney disease, chronic kidney stones, bone disease, kidney transplant etc. You hate to think she will have to monitor herself like this for her entire life. That said though, we also pray that it is nothing more than this. This would be a manageable disorder as much as it would stink. Keep her in your prayers please...

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