Thursday, March 4, 2010


Just wanted to put some cuteness on the blog. I promised I would be better about posting. Technically this is better. Before, I was blogging once every month or more, so this is good for me. We have been very busy. Mostly due to the all the darn sickness going around. McKinley had the flu, Abby and Brianna had bad colds and pink eye, now McKinley has an ear infection and some of the daycare kids have had strep and stomach flu. I bleach everything around here and we use hand sanitizer constantly. I am at a loss for what else I can do.

We had to put our doggie Bailey to sleep a couple weeks ago. She will be very missed, we had her for 12 years and she was the sweetest dog ever. She was getting very old and had multiple issues that led to our decision. We are confident that her sweet soul is in doggie heaven playing tug of war with the other doggies.

Lyal, Michele's step dad is having surgery on his spine tomorrow. He took a fall the other day that basically broke his neck about 2 am on Wednesday morning. The fall was the result of some fainting spells Lyal was having apparently due to dehydration from medication. The injury is bad and he is in a lot of pain. He is lucky though for now because the injury is the same kind Christopher Reeves suffered but Lyal's has not led to paralysis.Hopefully the surgery tomorrow will repair the injury enough to rid him of the excruciating nerve pain he is having. Your thoughts and prayers for him would be much appreciated.

Brianna is just growing up so much these days. She is almost writing her whole name now consistently, she can cut things out on the lines, she is really interested in books and she is very, very into her ballet classes. She talks to me like she is 13 not 3, which is cute sometimes, but very frustrating most of the time. Abby went through this, so I know it is a stage that blows over. But that is VERY hard to remember when we are in the heat of the moment and she is giving me her, "FINE MOM!!!" for the 100th time ! LOL

Well I will wrap it up for now. Enjoy the pictures, they are all getting sooooo grown up.

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