Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Brianna!!!

I cannot believe I have not updated this blog in almost 3 mos. I am a blogging failure. I do have a good excuse though. The computer I have regular access to has none of our pictures on it and it does not work scrapblog very well. When I blog I like to use Michele's work computer. It is a MAC and it does everything so much better than our home PC.

Anyways back to the topic of the day! Brianna turned 3 on Wednesday. I cannot believe sh is 3. It seems like just yesterday she was crawling around here with a bottle in her hand and a pacifier in her mouth. We had grandparents and our neighbors behind us over to grill and have cake. We had a great time and Brianna loved all the attention. We have a big Chuck E. Cheese party coming up here on the 16th for her and Abby to have all their friends and cousins celebrate with them.

We also found out this last week that she qualified for preschool and hopefully bussing. She got into a fairly close school but I still cannot transport her unless the bussing comes through, so keep your fingers crossed.

Our camera was not charged for her party the other night, but Grandma Deana took pictures and will be sending them soon. I will post some when I get them.

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